Prerequisites: Sendy auth is a vue js plugin, therefore it is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of javascript & vuejs.

Dependencies: Sendy auth uses axios internally to send http requests and js-sha1 to encrypt passwords when sending the requests.

Getting Started

The sendy authentication plugin was created to eliminate some of the repetitive tasks when handling authentication. …

“You’re hired.”​ … “You too :)”​

In my career as a software developer, I have interacted with a number of individuals — some radiate off brilliance, others are full of potential. Often the former turns out to be the employer and the latter the employee.

However, finding this perfect match is an uphill task with the dreaded “interview” being a definitive factor towards this cohesion.

In interviews, an employer will set a series of tests to ensure that their vision is matched — attracting only the right people to help further their businesses. Well, shouldn’t the employee also seek employers whose ideas sync with their very…

disclaimer: Osmose is a php package created and maintained by “yours truly” so bias is safely assumed.

prerequisites: The reader should have a basic understanding of laravel & eloquent

Laravel web framework has quickly risen to become the de facto standard framework for building PHP web applications.

Match made for web

Amongst its many givings is a powerful ORM (Object Relation Model) called Eloquent that simplifies database interactions.

Within our business logic, we can use Eloquent to filter through records and get only the records we intend.

disclaimer: Api-x is an npm package created and maintained by “yours truly” so bias is safely assumed.

prerequisites: The reader should have a basic understanding of javascript, vuejs and vuex.

When dealing with state management in our Vue applications, we often desire a simple way to define our accessors, mutators and actions without having our codebase grow to a point where it becomes unruly to maintain.

Namespaces offer us a reasonable way to group our state into a more manageable and modular structure. However, for small applications this is often not what we desire.

I developed api-x to quickly scaffold…

NB: This tutorial assumes the reader understands the basics of namespacing and beginner level OOP.

Africa’s Talking is a mobile technology company that offers developers integrated mobile APIS to simplify the processes involved in interacting with SMS/ USSD / Voice and Airtime.

In order to get started, head over to Africas Talking and register an account.

Upon registration and verification of your account, you will be presented with a dashboard that looks like this;

Africas Talking Main Dashboard

Whilst your application is still in development, you will want to use the sandbox in order to test it without incurring any charges. …

I have been developing software a little under 6 years and its been a journey of nothing but discovery, every single step of the way.

Starting off as an aspiring game developer, I gradually shifted interest into the more practical and more promising entreprise application development.

Over the course of my software development career, I have dreamed, I have toiled and I have quit more times than it is humanly possible without falling into acute depression. …

Francis Kisiara

Treat the world with compassion and it will respond in kind

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