Getting into Games Design

So you enjoy playing games and come to the conclusion that you want to start making them?. You then Google something along the lines of “become a games designer” and get a huge amount of information on courses to take on so on.

To make this process a lot simpler you need to ask yourself what it is that you want to create for games. Do you have an interest in programming a character, creating the concept of what it should look like or actually modelling the character in 3D?

In case you do not know what 3D modelling is, its the process of using 3D software to build up a mesh in 3D space. Here is a example of what it looks like to model a character:

So you have an idea about what kind of role you would like to do but are not yet sure maybe because you have never given it a go. A good idea could be downloading a software which is required for a particular role e.g. Maya for 3D modelling and then follow a basic tutorial on how to use it. If you find that you hate every second of it and could not imagine sitting there 9 hours a day doing it as a job, then maybe its not for you.

Doing a games design course can be very difficult as you are expected to have a huge arrange of skill and undertake projects which require those skills. This is great if you are a natural genius, full of pure talent but for most of us its simply not the case. You will be expected to code, hand draw, graphic design, write long documents and 3D model. All of these aspects are all of their own individual career path so if you find that you are great at all of these things then you will have a bright future(very bright).

I can barely draw stick men and this is after 5 years of studying games design. The reason I still lack the ability to draw is due to the lack of passion and therefore motivation to practice. I could not see myself doing it for 9 hours a day so knew that I only needed to learn it to a level to ensure that I got my degree.

Another aspect of games design which is quite tedious if you are a visual person, is programming. If you care more about creating the visuals for a game, then programming is not the answer. Although I cared about the visuals, I still ensured that I understood the programming side as its still a core element to any game.

When I first started of I really took to 3D modelling and become very curious, which lead to me deciding that is what I wanted to focus on. I knew that I could sit down and do it for 9 hours a day, this in turn motivated me to work hard at it. If you enjoy something that motivates you and if you are motivated then you will progress without a doubt. When you are invited on a night out with your friends you ensure that you overcome all obstacles to get there unless you have a crazy girlfriend, which will mean you have no choice in the matter. My point is that if you want something bad enough and are motivated, then you will get there.