Punching Priests
Timothy O'Leary

Thank goodness I was up in the choir where they couldn’t get me, but Sister Daniel put a whoopin’ on me whenever I proved her answers were wrong, or asked her where was god when kids get run over by the trolley, she paid me back when I went to the state final spelling bee, accidentally gave me the wrong study book. The Catholic cabal continues to persecute the world with their mumbo-jumbo gender hangups and lobbying against birth control and abortion aimed at controlling women. Now they’ve infiltrated congress with their antiabortion laymen; 3 of them control most of South Jersey and run practically unopposed in a supposed blue state. Anyway, great writing, I hope you’ll mention SNAPNETWORK.ORG in your writing, they’re doing great work exposing pedophile priests, you could write a really effective book on this subject. http://www.snapnetwork.org/ Survivors Network of those Abused By Priests. Thank You !! Francis

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