We’re not doing as good a job as I’d like at being the most public, private company ever. I’d attribute that to a mixture of fear (of publishing, of failing in public, of cancel culture), and the logistics of preparing internal reports for public distribution (they need to be systematically collected, scrubbed of client names and other sensitive information, and published in the right format), and the difficulty of attributing ROI to this activity (the consensus view is that the obvious risks outweigh the unseen benefits, my contrarian view is the reverse). I remain unshakeably committed to transparency and I…

Editor’s Notes: The CEO talks about Minimum Viable Alignment, how a great company cultivates thinking, but also aligns stakeholders. “I am not afraid of discussion and debate. There are times when I will censor certain ideas, suspend certain discussions, and postpone certain debates. But I will do so only when I believe they interfere with this principle of (Minimum Viable Alignment).”

Minimum Viable Alignment.

Last weekend, I wrote this piece. …

Editor’s Notes: The CEO in this post discussed A Brief Market History Of The 19th and 20th Centuries: Profitable Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Industrialists, and Competitive Venture Capitalists, The Art Of Building capital-efficient Businesses In The Capital-Intensive Markets Of The 21st Century and What customers want.

Sailing Against The Wind

Piloting A Company On The High-Seas Of Capital-Driven Markets

Capitalism is still young. Men have been trading throughout human history, with coin for millennia, but modern finance only began in 15th century Italian banks, the modern company is a 16th century Dutch and British invention, and the industrial revolution began in the 18th century.

In that classical period of market history, labor was the…

Editor’s Notes: In this post, The CEO talks about why The Gambit: “A.I.” is fake news, how Stagnation & Collectivism are dangerous, why we need Technological Progress & Individualism to save us and The Wizard’s Koan: “Can The Paradox Of Liberty & Security Ever Be Reconciled?”

The Wizard & The Wand.

“A.I.” is fake news. But that’s not my grand claim — just my opening argument…

The Gambit: “A.I.” Is Fake News

AI is fake news… Media-driven hype. Collective hysteria. Overblown groupthink. A meme. The biggest fake news story of my lifetime except, well… That one. How many news articles have been written? How incessantly have we read and discussed this…

Editor’s Notes: In this post, the CEO talks about i) Profitability ii) Pricing iii) SalesOps iv) Management v) Hiring vi) Partner Pay Model vii) Product viii)Agents ix) Operation and x) Data, Analytics & Automation.

The Hindsight Exercise.

We’re on track for profitability by the end of this year. But it took me 5 years and $5M in capital to get there. If I could time-travel, so I had the gift of hindsight, knowing what I know now, I should, in theory, be able to achieve the same outcome, in at least half the time, with at least half the money.

There’s two ways…

Editor’s Notes: In this post, The CEO talks about 10 workflows, the advantages of solving the 10 workflows, and what makes horizontal human-in-the-loop software-enabled services platform (like Invisible) superior to vertical (or horizontal) pure-software products.

What do BUYERS want? Dogma Reconsidered: Humans-In-The-Loop vs. Pure Software Solutions.

Have you ever read Euclid’s Elements? Thirteen books of Geometric proofs built on a handful of premises. If you accept the premises, you have to accept every proof arrived at, by logical extension. I’m doing the same thing here.

This morning I overturned the products > services dogma. If you accept that argument, then you should also accept me overturning the vertical > horizontal dogma…

Editor’s Notes: In this post, The CEO talks about Invisible’s strategy, value proposition, and the building of a services front-end with a product back-end.

The Digital Operations Need Discovery & Fulfillment Machine

Although Venture Capital is a young industry, it has dogmatized quickly. According to orthodoxy, a startup’s corporate strategy should be: pick a role or industry (aka “vertical”), identify its pain point, build a product that solves it, sell the product to all the buyers in that vertical, scale-at-all-costs, then build network effects and other barriers to defend your monopoly.

At Invisible, our strategy is different: target all verticals, let clients tell you their pain points, buid…

Editor’s Notes: In this post, the CEO talks about Invisible’s approach to Building Unfair Advantages In Delegation UX & Incentive Design.

Building Unfair Advantages In Delegation UX & Incentive Design.

I’ve committed the company to a strategy which makes certain assumptions. One of those assumptions is that our approach is difficult to replicate.

What’s our approach? Superficially stated: we’ll beat outsourcing companies because we’re an automation company, and we’ll beat automation companies because we’re outsourcing company.

But that obscures the insight. The insight is that it is too hard for customers to buy existing solutions. In theory, outsourcing and automation solutions already exist that could, if used in the…

If you haven’t read my infamous disclaimer, it’s NOT this: “the views and opinions included in this email belong to their author and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the company.” But it’s also not not that. Beware all ye who enter here…

The Revolutionary Claim

China’s underlying advantage is manpower. Over the last half century since Nixon, they have leveraged that labor cost advantage, and turned it into a manufacturing advantage: they now have an industrial monopoly — very few high-tech products are now built outside of Shenzhen.

But the structural advantage is ultimately built on top of a…

If you work at Google, Apple, Amazon, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Exxon Mobile, The Harvard Endowment, Kleiner Perkins — any iconic American institution — can you say what you think, write what you think, without putting your career in jeopardy?

Hi! My name is Francis Pedraza: I’m an animal rights activist, and Free Speech is the endangered species I care most about saving. Free Speech is all but dead in Corporate America. …

Francis Pedraza

Is spirit moving? francispedraza.com

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