The 2018 Leadville Trail 100: Redemption


A years’ worth of workouts on a single page.
Turquoise Lake at night
  • May Queen to Twin Lakes — 23 miles, 2,789ft or so in about 5:05 hours
  • Twin Lakes to Winfield to Twin Lakes — 22 miles, 6,572ft or so in 6:50 hours.
  • May Queen to home — about 13 miles, 2:30 hours or so.
Merilee and Ken at Camp

The Crew

The Race

Pre-race briefing at the Leadville High School

Start to May Queen (0–13 miles)

May Queen to Outward Bound (13–23 miles)

The view over Turquoise Lake looking back from Hagerman road.
One more from Hagerman
The climb up from Hagerman to the top of Sugarloaf/Powerline
Looking down Powerline.
Outward Bound aid station, the day before the race.

Outward Bound to Half Pipe (23–30 miles)

Heading out across the meadow in Outward Bound (during camp)

Half Pipe to Twin Lakes (30–40 miles)

Glorious Aspens on the way into Mount Elbert aid station.

Twin Lakes to Hope Pass (40–45 miles)

The meadow laid out before the Pass
Heading out across the meadow towards Hope Pass (out of frame, left of this pic).
Climbing up Hope Pass, it’s steep!
On the way to the top
Heading down into Winfield
The California Trail into Winfield
Heading into Winfield

Winfield to Hope Pass (50-60 miles)

Climbing back up Hope Pass
The steep grind back up Hope Pass

Twin Lakes Inbound (60–76 miles)

Outward Bound (inbound) (76–86 miles)

May Queen to Home (87-101 miles)

Ken really means it when he says “you’re family”.

What Did You Learn?

A Word of Thanks

The end?




VP of Software at Peloton Interactive and ultra-obsessed.

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Francis Shanahan

Francis Shanahan

VP of Software at Peloton Interactive and ultra-obsessed.

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