Australia Day 2017 at Propeller Aero

Here’s an email I just sent out to our Propeller team:

Hey team,
Quick note on Australia Day next year, as people are planning their January leave already. (This email may contain traces of politics).
Rory and I are going to be at work on the ‘official’ date (Thursday 26th) and putting our feet up for Australia Day on Friday 27th — and you’ve got the option to do the same thing.
Australia Day is an awesome day for sun, BBQs and music, preferably near some cold water. It’s a celebration of the fact that summer days off in Australia are good days.
The 26th of January specifically is less awesome. It marks the day in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip planted a Union Jack in Sydney, and unloaded a few hundred seasick British convicts to start building a jail.
It also very directly marks the start of a remarkably shit 200+ years for the Australians that were already here.
Our company is based in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, which is a uniquely important place for modern Indigenous Australians. The 26th is not a day our local community celebrates.
Also, long weekends are typically 143% better than random midweek days off.
So, that’s why we’re doing Australia Day on the 27th. If you want to do that too, great, and if the 26th is a better day for you to take off, that’s fine as well! If you’re already planning to take a day of leave and make it a 4-day weekend, also fine. Sharing holidays with family and friends is really important, and please be assured there is no judgment about which day you want to take off.
I’ve just sent a similar note out to the Startmate list because I’d like to see other companies offer people the same option.
Let me know comments or questions etc!
Best, Francis

We’re certainly not the only people who think there needs to be some tweaking of the actual date of Australia Day. You can read more on what Indigenous Australians think of the 26th of January here.

We figured that businesses — and especially start-ups — don’t need to wait for the government to decide to do things, they just do them. So we’re just doing it.

If you and your workplace have the option to go for an Australia Day long weekend on the Friday, instead of a day off on Thursday 26th, we cordially invite you to join us disrupting British Jail Anniversary Day. Let’s make it an #AustraliaDayLongWeekend instead.