High Sierra

I have been using MacOS El Capitan for a while. Noticed that most of the issues of high sierra had been fixed, I decided to update my computer to the latest version of MacOS.

Having used MacOS for a while, I have a bunch of apps that I loved using to enhance my experience. After updating, I found that most of the apps require an update to keep running. This is something that I didn’t really expect as I didn’t have to reinstall/change versions of the apps I use to make sure they still run. Maybe this is because of the file system change that I have just heard of in the new version of the MacOS.

After reinstalling apps and fixing compatibility issues. I realised one of my favourite icon to use is missing! The lock icon from Keychain to provide me with an option to lock the computer screen quickly. Disappointed by the change from apple I decided to search on the internet for a solution. I am surprised their guide to get the icon back is outdated. After stumbling onto a stack exchange post, I found out the reason behind the removal of such a feature. There is now a hotkey to lock your screen its command + control + Q. Happy with this change, I continued to rearrange my menu bar configuration. To my dismay, I found out the hard way that the notification centre button is permanently fixed at the absolute right side of the bar. What a waste of real estate space.

Found out a lot of new features from the page that apple gives when you first start with the new update.

So far, the system has been running stable as expected and the changes were very gradual. Fell in love with Picture in Picture the first time I used it and will be using the feature much more in the future. Haven’t got time to mess with the new Photos app. Didn’t see the use of safari anti-tracking since I already use such extensions already. Maybe it is nice to have such things for the average consumers. Found zero uses for the iCloud drive since most of the people I work with are not on Macs. Spotlight isn’t my first choice of application launching or searching for files. Love the auto unlock with apple watch.