If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

You know, either Trump gets impeached and these people will go miserable or he is not and the result will be the same.

In fact this is the most frightening thing. During the 50s and 60s, the “establishment” did fear a strike (if not a communist revolution in some european countries). This was frightening to them. Nowadays, the “establishment” does not care. Formerly everybody was inside the system. You were either on top of it or at the bottom of it but you were inside. Today, some people (Trump voters) are outside the system. Many don’t work anymore or hold a work where they are “disposable”(either because an immigrant and/or a robot could do the job). They are desperate because they feel worthless. And the fact is if they did disappear, we would not even notice. All the western world suffers the same but any European having done a road trip in the USA can tell you this is far worse in the USA. Simply go outside of Las Vegas in Neveda and you find lots of depressing towns.

Now Trump told these people he was going to make them “in” again. But they are not “out” because of the establishment. They are “out” because the world changed and today you can’t be useful without a college degree. Because the world in which we lives favors large cities over small ones more than ever. Trump can’t change this. He can at best do some theatrics to make these people feel included again. But you know after the show when house lights are going on again, and the roadies go on stage for load out everybody can see that this was not for real. At some point during the Trump presidency, the house lights will go on and people will know that they are still miserable. And the result will be the same as an impeachment. They’ll stop to beleive they can change things.

Now comes the worst part, if these people stop participating it may be just considered as good news for the “establishment” as you call it. If people simply did not came to vote for Trump, Hillary would have been elected and “everybody” would have cheered. 
The current problem is precisely that part of america could almost cease to exist without people in the cities even noticing it.

Agriculture is important but as you probably know large farms won’t stop. The large ops do make money and they can hire migrant workers to do the job. Anyway it’s not that labor intensive.

They’ll still exist and be productive. Small operations may be affected but this will mean more profit for larger ones. 
Large parts of Appalachia are simply lost. Nothing exists there anymore except a very poor population that almost lives on welfare (read Hillbilly Ellegy to understand how fucked up some parts of the country have become).

Good policies would have been to show these people they can do something for themselves. They can go to school / college / university. They can move out of the shithole where they live. They may have started the race in the back of the grid but they can improve their situation. And nobody but them will be responsible of the outcome. No democrats, society is not the culprit and no Trumpists, the establishment has nothing to do in your demise. You and only you are responsible. This sounds like bad news until you understand that this means you can change and get success.

But unless a large part of these people do rise and do what’s needed for them to succeed, yes the USA and many countries in the west will break down. In the past we formerly had city states that were really powerful. They gave way to nation states during the 19th century (but a few nation states like France did exist before). It’s very possible that large states will breakup and be replaced by very powerful cities or small countries (with a large city inside them). The USA and EU will then be replaced by a loose federation of “states” aimed at maintening cooperation and trade between cities.

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