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I started a…

Scan the image from Spotify app to get to the playlist

I have been putting together a playlist of modular synth artists on Spotify.

It is starting to have a following: 200+ people. It generates enough listeners for each artist, that the playlist is often featured on their artist page in the “Discovered on” section.

Considering the size of the followers 200+ and the number of monthly listeners it generates per artist 50–100, I’m really excited by the results.

The rule for me to add someone is: it must be a modular synth track which is about <10mn (to allow to listen to many different artists in an hour), and only…

I have publicly released “Cold” out of my BandCamp community to all on Bandcamp as well as to all the music stores.


Get it from your preferred store:

“Cold” on Bandcamp now has a booklet with modular patch notes.

I’m working on an album of my live performances, this will be an exclusive of my BandCamp community until released publicly.

So if you have not done it, join my BandCamp community for $20+/year. This is also a way to support me making videos, concerts, and more…

Resonant Frequencies artists — Credit Franck Martin

When you start making music, it is quite important to reach out to the local community. If your local community strives, the road to improvements and finding people that like your music will not be that hard.

When you are new, established music venues will want to see some credentials. They will try to figure out if you are capable of attracting a crowd to their venue.

It is a bit like all job offers requires a minimum experience. How do you get this if you are just out of school? Well via internship or here open mic events.


Every month as part of our corporate inDay program, we do social activities on a Friday. With some of my colleagues (Juan Rosales, Bryan Levay), we take this friday afternoon to play Beep Boops or Blip Bloops or modular synthesizers. We book a conference room with a view and often invite friends that play modular synthesizers too.

If you don’t know what modular synthesizers are, I have a music playlist just for this:

Volume is controlled because this is all electronic music and we don’t have to beat a real drum set… Overall, we are not louder than a…

360 Picture at SF MOMA (Credit Franck Martin)

I have been doing 360 videos for my YouTube Vlog and music.

It has been quite a learning process. I did not want to spend a lot of money on 360 cameras, so I first settled for the Insta360 Nano. This camera can work standalone, be on power with a USB cable and SD card could be exchanged. The resolution was ok but not so great.

Then came the Insta360 One. A camera with better resolution, 4k, better designed for standalone operations. Its cover can be used as a makeshift tripod. Another advantage, the video can be recorded in LOG…

Decap showing live music production on Ableton Live 10 at MusicExpo SF (2017 — Franck Martin)

A friend asked me, what DAW, Digital Audio Workstation, should he get for his son?

Before I chose mine, I looked a bit around and it seems it revolves around 3 professional systems:

There are many more and Wikipedia offers a semi extensive list:

First, if you are on Windows, Logic Pro is not a choice. The other two are available on Mac and PC.

They all are equivalent, and it could be small technical differences that may make you choose one over the other. It seems to me, I can give a…

Distco, R Beny, Bryan Levay, Franck Martin, Normalien (picture courtesy Juan Rosales/Bryan Levay)

It seems that Spotify is courting the indie artists. As it is relatively easy and cheap to upload your creations to all music stores with services like CDBaby or Distrokid or others, there are more indie artists than ever.

Spotify has made it easy to claim your artist page, but they even made it easier as they partnered with Distrokid to streamline this process (Distrokid has the email address of the artist and can pass this information to match the Spotify member)

Google Play and Apple Music offers something similar.

Once your profile is claimed, with Spotify and Google Play…

West Coast Electronic music but also any coast.

Since I moved to San Francisco, and because the water is too cold to do some kite Surfing (I lived in Fiji before), I went back to an old passion of mine, electronic music. I decided this time to be an actor rather than a spectator. I make some noise, released some albums, but this post is about some of the places and people I have met along the way.

Let’s start by a sad note, Don Buchla passed away in 2016, and I did not had the opportunity to meet him, but I went to his memorial concert in…

Why audio is very poor on video?

Video with audio stereo Cable

I have been streaming on Facebook Live, the mini concerts that we do between modular synthesizer fans. The sound quality is for me there more important than the video.

If you use an iPhone, you cannot use the mini jack plug to give you more than a mono sound, despite so called stereo splitter. Also the analog to digital qualiy is not that great.

I have been speaking about it briefly in this post:

So how do you add stereo sound to your video?

After much research, I found out something relatively portable, a Line6 Sonic Port VX. It has a stereo microphone, but also has a stereo line in…

Franck Martin

Email and IPv6, and electronic music artist. France, USA, Fiji and the Pacific Islands.

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