2+ Years without Facebook and why I'm coming back

I was never a big fan of Facebook. It always felt like a “Hey check out how cool I am” kind of thing. But since everyone had it, I had it too.

During a complicated moment in my life that came with a lot of reflexion, I looked at my news feed and I realized something: people usually post only their life highlights in Facebook.

It’s all smoke and mirrors; few people are authentic when they are at Facebook. They don’t post anything related to who or what they really are, what their real desires are, their struggles, or what do they live for. (Which to be fair even if they did, they would most likely get a terrible reception).

It feels to me that most people use Facebook and other Social Media to fulfill that need for entertainment and attention that in our times we so desperately crave. And while I am not bashing at anyone, I don’t think this is healthy.

I know that not everyone uses it that way, and that some people use it to stay in touch with their loved ones, share content and communicate with the people they care about, and that’s great.

It just felt so fake for me in that moment that I was completely turned off by it.

Add that to the fact that I’m convinced that Zuckerberg is evil and is trying to take over the world (and i’m not the only one). And so I was quick to decide to get rid of my Facebook account.

On September 2014, after a painful process where I had to go in a journey deep into the profile settings and through all the Facebook emotional blackmail about how much I my friends would miss me, I deleted my Facebook account.

While this image is a dramatization, it was pretty close to the real thing

It was a relief. It was one thing less to take care about. No more checking Facebook every day, making sure no one posted anything inappropriate about me or my mother in my timeline, worrying about how many likes would a photo get, getting that perfect profile picture, trying to figure out what it means that my crush just liked my picture even when she hasn’t spoken a word to me in months, not having to see all the drama whenever someone said something slightly offensive (ok that was actually a little fun) or having to add people who you did not really want to have as friends, but it just felt wrong to reject their friend requests.

The first days I kept staring at my phone with unease. It felt weird to not have that all-present source of entertainment. At first it wasn’t pleasant, but then I started to like it.

After the first 2 months, I didn’t even miss it.

Why do we spend so much time in our phones, getting distracted by an endless stream of notifications, instead of enjoying the moment and going for what we want in life?

So wait, why am I coming back?

Call me a hypocrite, but I’m honestly not excited about it. I do have to admit, however, that even with my best intentions to stay updated with my friends and family, I’m mostly no longer in touch with what they are doing. I mean, I get to know about the important things through the phone, which is actually more exciting than to see it on Facebook, but I don’t know about many things that are going on. I have isolated myself from them more than I should.

That also applies to college, where everyone uses Facebook. While I have managed to get by without using it, I constantly need someone to tell me what’s going on and keep me posted about course content, team projects and any social event I’m interested in that’s taking place. Finally I have made great friends from other countries, with whom I struggle to stay in touch though email. (Which honestly I don’t get why it’s that hard)

Add that to the fact that Social Media is king in Networking and Marketing, something that in the past I did not use to care about, but as my focus has changed, and as an aspiring entrepreneur, I have come to realize that I will eventually need such tools, and it would be a disadvantage to not take advantage of it.

So while I’m still convinced that Facebook shouldn’t be a basic human right, and that we spend too much time behind a digital device and not enough time socializing face to face, it won’t kill me to open a Facebook account.

Still, I intend to use Facebook responsibly by staying away from the Facebook App, and making sure I don’t spend more time that I need on it.

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