How to start accepting crypto donations on Squarespace


  • Squarespace Business Plan
  • Your Ethereum address
  • ** Please note, if you are using a centralized service to store your wallet (like Coinbase) please ensure that they fully support the currencies you are accepting — your donations might get lost otherwise.***
  • If you’re using Coinbase, there will be a tutorial posted soon here to show you how to accept Ethereum only
  • If you’re NOT using Squarespace but still want to accept crypto donations check this out to get started


  • Watch a demo video here
Demo Video
  • OR follow these steps:
  1. Go to https://[yourdomain.squarespace].com/config/pages

2. Add a new content block for Code (Page Content -> Edit -> Search ‘Code’ -> Click ‘Code’)

3. Paste the following in the box

<button id="requestDonationTrigger" style="border-radius:10px;color:black;padding:12px;">
Donate Crypto

4. Click Apply then Save

5. Head over to Home -> Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection -> Footer

6. Paste the following into the Footer Section

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var requestDonations = new requestNetworkDonations({


Change YOUR_ETHEREUM_ADDRESS_HERE to your address

Please visit to see what other parameters you can add here

7. Press Save

8. Now you can start accepting crypto donations!

Many thanks to Request Network and Adam Dowson for making it so effortless to accept crypto donations!