Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff

Ok then, all this talk is great and educates the people so lets get this petition in the correct mode ; we need more than ten million , the more votes we get the better an impact it will make , so lets makes sure we can get many more signatures out there this weekend, lets triple this amount maybe quadruple , that would be AWESOME , lets make this happen , we were all shocked on Nov 9’s outcome lets all be shocked again on Dec 19, lets make HILARY PRESIDENT for Trump is certainly unfit to be a janitor in the white house, also New York is not the capital Washington, DC is, didn’t he know that and he cant keep New York hostage with his presidency,he cant disrupt daily life in the worlds busiest city , if he wanted to clean the swamp then he needs to be in close vicinity of the swamp. Let get the electors to realize who needs to be President .