I am releasing a proof of concept demonstrating my vision for the future of data management — Machine Learning applied to Data Integration. One of the major (unjustified) costs of big data and business intelligence is getting your stuff together on one platform. AI can and will be used to streamline the tedious process of moving and transforming large data to conform to the requirements necessary for analysis.

What is data integration?

As a data scientist, you might be able to write very complex statistical regressions on numerical data, but the infrastructure to keep these analyses running on big data is far from trivial…

Importing a CSV file can be frustrating. We’ve all struggled with importing and re-importing a file that still contains pesky, difficult-to-identify issues. While CSV import errors can vary widely, we’ve noticed that people are likely to encounter the same handful of CSV parsing errors over and over again. If you learn how to identify and address these errors, importing data can take considerably less time and energy… things we’d all like to have more of.

We’re here to help, both with the five tips below, and with our remote browser for CSV files in the cloud. CSV Studio offers a…

CSV Studio is a visual debugger and remote file editor for data pipelines

Anyone who has imported a CSV file has been through the arduous process of fixing errors, one by one until the import is successful. We created CSV Studio to make it faster and easier for anyone to find and edit errors when they import CSV files. It is a tool with a browser based interface that can visualize large files stored locally or in a remote server. It offers a robust parser and automated error correction for non-conforming and badly formatted CSV files.

If you publish data

Francois Barbanson

Database and Machine Learning specialist

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