Sentry nodes, new options, multiple validators support and others new security features, discover Archipel 2.0 and it’s innovative consensus-based high availability solution.

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Archipel 2.0 release

Why Archipel?

Nowadays, many blockchain services are centralized on cloud infrastructure. For instance, around 70% of Ethereum nodes are in VPC and 63% of Ethereum Dapps use Infura Provider as this survey shows. We can imagine that in a few years some blockchain services can be banned from public cloud providers. Moreover, cloud providers can have an interruption of services and network issues.

For a better network resilience, one solution can be to have a decentralized infrastructure at home. The problem is that it is challenging to maintain a good quality of service at home. You can have internet connection or power cuts. As a result, it is very unsafe to install a Proof-of-Stake validator at home. Your validator must be always up (24/7) and ready to execute its duty. If not, you will be slashed by the network and lose your money. To solve this problem, we are creating a solution to provide high availability for blockchain services. …

Francois Branciard

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