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What is Archipel

Archipel is a consensus-based high availability solution for running blockchain services.

Initially developed to support Polkadot/Kusama nodes operation, we introduced a multi-service feature in the latest 2.2.0 release. It allows to easily support and add other Proof-of-Stake validator nodes operations . With this multi-services feature, many blockchain nodes can now…

Sentry nodes, new options, multiple validators support and others new security features, discover Archipel 2.0 and it’s innovative consensus-based high availability solution.

Archipel 2.0 release

Why Archipel?

Nowadays, many blockchain services are centralized on cloud infrastructure. For instance, around 70% of Ethereum nodes are in VPC and 63% of Ethereum Dapps use Infura Provider as

Archipel is a high availability solution for running services on decentralized federated hardware at home

Archipel Milestone 2 shipped and berthed

TL:DR : In this Milestone 2 release, we improved security, UI/UX and added many new features to Archipel. The first service targeted by Archipel is a Polkadot validator service. We want to thank the Web3 Foundation for its grant program that allowed us to bootstrap this project.

Previously… on Archipel

In the previous…

Conférence lors du TEDxUSMB alliant technologies décentralisées, création artistique et des nouvelles formes d’organisations de nos échanges.

Note : English blog post version can be found here

Le premier TEDxUSMB a été organisé en novembre 2019 à l’occasion des 40 ans de l’Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc. C’est ici, à Annecy en 2007 , que j’ai été étudiant ingénieur.

Lors de cet événement TEDx, j’ai eu l’opportunité de…

TEDxUSMB talk merging decentralized technology, art creation and new value exchange models.

Note : Version Française de l’article disponible ici

The first TEDxUSMB was organized in November 2019 for the 40th anniversary of the Savoie Mont-Blanc University. In 2007, I was a student engineer there, in Annecy.

In this TEDx, I had the privilege to share with students part of my interests…

On the 4th December was organized the first Polkadot-Lyon meetup :

This local meetup group was started with the support of the Web3 Fondation ambassador program.

The main objectif is to gathers local initiatives, share ideas, have a local relay, and grow the global Web3 community in Lyon.

It take…

Example with Polkadot Node Package

How to deploy on dappnode visual : package flying with balloons
Visual credit : Sydney Lai


What is DAppNode ?

DAppNode mission is to facilitate the setup of decentralized infrastructures.

It allows you to :

  • Join your favorites p2p networks and p2p economies
  • Increase the global censorship resistant of the network by running a peer
  • Serve yourself without going to third-party providers
  • Serve your friends…

Sidechains used as scaling solutions has been one of the hottest topics in the crypto-space lately. This article will detail the first steps for iExec sidechain solution.

Then, the final part of this development letter will review some additional interesting achievements of the team including the successful deployment of ‘Kata-compatible’…

Francois Branciard

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