At Oncrawl we are playing a lot with Data Ingestion and third parties datasets such as Google Search Console, Majestic or GA. A few months back I was chatting with Oncrawl’s CTO Tanguy (please follow him, it’s good for your karma) about Signal vs Noise in Datasets as well as the limitations of several Google APIs.

One thing feeding another, I thought that it could be very efficient to spot what pages are getting “trendy” within my content. But in the noisy catalog of your webpages and keywords, it’s hard to detect the good ones. Google Analytics nor the Search…

A few days ago, I needed to bulk check how many times articles of a blog were tweeted. I ended up trying several tools or spreadsheets add-ons. It turns out, there is no free easy-to-use solution, just incredibly buggy expensive solutions.

So I decided to build my own and I thought it could be great to share it with you.

First thing: how to get all the urls of your blog’s articles?

Here I have a special trick, I use the SEO crawler from Cogniteev: Oncrawl. [disclosure: I’m the founder of the company]. …

It’s been 10 years I am in the web business. I’ve founded 3 companies, helped tens of others being a business angel, an advisor, a board member or simply giving a hand. I am often asked to talk to wantrepreneurs about my experience these days and I thought that sharing with you what I share IRL could be a great subject for my first article on Medium.

Disclosure: I’m French so
1/ Pardon my writing
2/ The things I learned mostly apply to France or Europe, things could be different in the US.

Ten (+1) lessons learned being a (web) entrepreneur

Embrace the unknown

Francois Goube

#Entrepreneur x3, dad x2, surfer. CEO @Oncrawl. Weird passion for data, SEO and algorithms.

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