Can Collective Intelligence Solve This One For Me?

Ever been captivated by a movie, but could not finish it because of time constraints? Bummer. Hopefully, you resumed the movie as soon as possible.

I was under 10, watching an old thriller on TV. My family had planned to visit my grandparents sometime during that day. Halfway through the movie, my parents decided it was time to go. We arrived at my grandparents half an hour later. I turned the channels for a few minutes but I never found the movie. At that time, you would literally turn the channels on the television.

I always wondered what was that old (black and white?) movie, and if I would ever watch it again. Here is what I remember from the plot:

· A family was stuck in their house.
· Something was blocking the windows and doors.
· They tried to escape through the attic. · It was getting hot inside.

Not that I question the greatness of Yahoo! Answers but… I only searched on Google so far.

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