European beers you should give a try

If you travel around in Europe and you like beer you should definitely try one of those.

The following is a list of beers I (and most of my reasonable friends) can recommend:

Bayern (Bavaria)

The origin of good beers and the probably most important law: das Reinheitsgebot (1516). How could any beer-lover not like a state where the women wear Dirndl and where they even have huge dedicated gardens for drinking beer? Order a small beer? Get 0.5L!

Augustiner Helles

Augustiner Bräu, a company, which never did any advertisement for their product, and still it is brewing one of the most favourite beers of Munich (probably since 1328). Thanks to the beer god, you can also find it in other parts of Germany, like Frankfurt or Berlin as I experienced.

Tegernseer Helles

You think it is hard to decide between boobs and explosions? Then try to decided which beer tastes better: Tegernseer or Augustiner? I haven’t found an answer yet.

If you like Augustiner or Tegernseer (yeah I know both), then you probably also like Andechs Hell, Chimeseer or Bayreuther.

König Ludwig Dunkel

A dark beer labeled with the name of the former Bavarian king “Ludwig II”. I guess its not for everyone, but try some of them and I am sure you will also become a “Märchenkönig”, the Fairy Tale King!☺Btw: a compliment to the designers of the bottle. It looks kick-ass kingly!

Weißbiere (Wheat beer)

The beer which is served in those large thin glasses. I recommend Schneider Weisse or Benediktiner Weißbier.


They have Mozart, Sachertorte ,“an Kaffee und a Tschick” and well, they also had this other dude — but beside that they also brew some really good beers:

Kaiser Doppel Malz

I think that is one of the best dark beers I have ever tasted and I have never found someone who does not like it. The only strange thing is that I could only find it near and in Salzburg City and that a lot of the Austrians don’t even know this masterpiece.


Another pretty good beer, which is made in Salzburg. The best location to drink it is the Stieglkeller in Salzburg near the fortress. A biergarten with an amazing view over the whole old city.

Stieglkeller in Salzburg


A beer from the Steiermark — or how some may call it: the Bavaria of Austria. They also have a pretty good dark type, if you are more into this.

Gösser Natur-Radler

You know those advertisements, where you have to imagine that the product they promote is the pure nature? Have a Gösser Natur-Radler and you know what they mean! Radler? Beer with lemonade!

Hubertus Schwarzbier

It is a little bit sweet, but I really liked it. It is also hard to get. Try your luck in Vienna!


Playa, sunshine and you don’t even need to be rich to pay for your beer. Though, most of the beers are served as 0.33L, but that is probably just some kind of security measure, so that you don’t have to drink hot beer.

Tipp: in Andalusia you even get (high quality) tapas with your cold beer for free! They just know how to live! :D


Voll-Damm or Estrella Damm are all made from the same brewery in Barcelona (S.A Damm). It was founded by two (german?) geniuses called August Kuentzmann Damm and Joseph Damm in 1876.


Moritz is also a catalan beer and was founded by a german guy called Trautmann. Fancy can btw!

Besides I can recommend Cruzcampo and Mahou. Enjoy them with some olives!


Since I live in Switzerland, I had to try a lot of “Stangen” — just to help you guys of course!


A guy with a hat, a dog who put his tongue out and a cow are walking in the beautiful Swiss alps. If that label does not want you to open a beer then I don’t know what will! (Also if you want to make a good impression on Swiss people, tell them it’s you favorite Swiss beer!)

Chopfab (Amber)


Kozel (Czech Republic)

I prefer the dark one over the light one, but definitely you should try both!

I guess a lot of people, who read this will complain about their favourite beer not being listed here — especially Belgian ones. But as we German like to say: “This is not my beer” … (but I will drink it anyways).