Deer me,

This morning I reflect on just how deep the forest really is . When I think of it and the different animals and views it has . He type of harmony found in the depths of the forest and how it’s resources have been placed in order of need. The body of this forest is as it should be made up of water . The Rivera flow given each part its energy to be able to contribute .

That connection has been made but the forest is soul and out of any animal the deer 🦌 means so much to me. How it symbolizes creativity,power and guidance I am drawn to its grace.In my community I dears all the time and I am taken back by their presence.

The point is that finding that journey that takes me in the forest or digging deep within myself to find that harmony is important in my health and the ability to connect with others. Does it have to be this complex perspective? Yes! This technology driven world we are in at times creates a microwave experience that limits the understanding and appreciation for the simplest things . I won’t have it , I want more but digging deeper with myself is the only way. That harmony .