The business of “the show”

The interesting thing about life is that is only responsds to those that activly seek, no matter how good we are or nice we react there is a form of greed that needs to be applied to in order for life to respond. It is a transaction! Now as creatives we can fall in love with the colors, or quality of something and that does not mean that it’s buisness. I spent many years understanding diffrently. I seen commerical success eaily in live as a model and was not comfortable with that attention. I also went “underground” as a regel artist but suffered because it was all an excuse, trying to replace fear instead of embraccing it.

There was the biggest production I have work on in my career. The characters I created in my life for purpose of need in order to justify actions, the events I overlooked becasue they did not provide me the “red carpet attention” I was seeking has made for a horribe life film that knowone cares to buy a ticket to. I have watched it over and over myself! Now I understand that the edits, rewrites or change of direction is all part of the development. We spend less time putting on a show and focus more on developing the best version to communicate is where they light is, at least for me. Being less ocncenred with the results and passionate about the quality. Technology is useful but it also speeds up the process.

We have to be ok with one or the other and then reflect on each as such. The show business is a tool now a lifestyle. The skill to be able to make it something others can relate to is based on delivery.

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