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Business Lessons From Dr Seuss

I don’t know about you but despite being 35 years old I’ve learned some incredible lessons from Children’s books, particularly Dr Seuss, over the years, many that I think can be applicable to business and life in general.

I honestly think if you got him and AA Milne in a room together there would be some PURE magic, oh to be a fly on the wall for that chat.

So much freaking wisdom that you wish you appreciated as a child.

Anyhoo, what’s my point here?

I was at a big entrepreneurial event a couple of weeks ago and I…

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How To Overcome The Comparison Gremlin

I recently asked in my group what I could help with the most right now and dealing with comparison definitely came up the most.

It wasn’t a surprise, it comes up a lot for clients, my friends in the online space and in my feed and myself of course, i’m not immune!

Society today thrives off comparison, you only need to look at your screen time and how long you spend scrolling social media.

What are you looking for? What do you actually spend your time doing there?

We do it all the way…

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What’s the ACTUAL problem stopping you being where you want to be right now, hmm?

This is a subject that has been coming up a LOT recently with clients.

Where we can often ‘assume’ something is the issue holding us back, when in fact it’s something completely different.

When I read the intake forms for the lovely ladies who work with me and what they want the subject of their call to be, it often very quickly becomes clear that what they THINK is the problem, isn’t really a problem for them at all and it’s something completely different…and often…

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How to use your intuition and trust your gut

Do you listen to your intuition, let alone actually USE it?

You hear that whisper in the back of your mind or that feeling in your gut, but do you pay attention or ignore it?

It’s that little whisper in the back of your mind leading you towards or away from something or someone.

When you meet someone and you just feel a ‘vibe’ that something’s off. Or that potential business partner where you just get a feeling it’s not quite right.

Or that thing you kind of have a ‘pull’ towards that always seem to have weird synchronicities but…

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Do you feel like you know how to prioritise your tasks well?

As always this counts for both your business and your life.

Or do you often feel like you’re spinning plates and at any moment they’re all just going to drop?!

If you struggle to see what you’re REAL priorities are and get stuck in the ‘busy being busy’ tasks and feeling like you’re not really getting anywhere, or jumping from shiny object to shiny object…then you’re NOT alone!

When you’re in a job it’s often a lot easier to know what your priorities are because you’ll be led…

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Do you often get caught in a worry loop?

When something happens (or often, hasn’t even happened yet!) and your immediate reaction is to catastrophise and think of all the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen….before they actually have.

Then, you plummet into a ‘woe is me, everything’s awful, this is 100% the end of the world’ kind of zone which, let’s be honest, doesn’t help anyone!

Sound familiar? That’s the worry loop. Urgh!

SO, let that be a testament to the fact that it can change for YOU.

It’s often just a few simple tweaks to the way…

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Do you not take certain actions in your business (or your life to be fair!) because you fear getting a ‘no’?

Do you stop yourself advertising your services, or putting out a promo post because you fear the no?

We’ve all been there at some point. I hear you.

However, after 15 years in sales, including plentiful cold calling, I know a thing or to about the ‘no’!

I’d like to try and give you a different perspective that may help you take that next step. Because selling, and putting yourself out there to hear ‘no’ from time to time…

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Would you like to have more Courage?

Or do you feel like you have it in droves already?

What could you achieve if you did have more?

What would you do that you don’t currently?

I was talking with my high performance coach recently where the subject of having courage came up and it got me thinking.

It’s something I definitely have now but it 100% didn’t use to be that way. I was a quiet, scared little mouse, believe it or not!

I honestly would run the opposite direction of anything new or anything scary, I wouldn’t put myself…

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Do you have a good routine set up for your day?

Do you feel productive and in control?

Or, like you’re winging it, getting nothing done and unable to change old habits?

Have you recently gone full time in your business and you’re wondering where your mojo and ability to actually get stuff done has disappeared to?!

You’re not alone.

Something I work on a HUGE amount with my clients is setting up a routine, particularly if it’s working around a job or if you’ve just left one.

Not just a routine but one that will get rid of old…

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Are you currently thinking BIG enough?

In your business and your life?

Do your current goals ‘stretch’ you and take you outside of your comfort zone, or are you pretty comfortable with them and know you can hit them.

Do you stop when you do hit them?? Or do you then challenge yourself and push yourself further?

We tend to be restricted by what we THINK is possible.

We constrain ourselves based on our own maps of the world.

What we’ve seen, heard, modelled, believe and are told is possible for us.

We see what’s possible for other people, but…

Fran Excell

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