From Spider-Man to Fullstack Academy — A Web of Webs?

It’s definitely true that I swore to myself I would stick to the super-duper-creative acting lifestyle of silently walking in the background of big budget movies, and speaking lines in the foreground of movies no one’s ever heard of.

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As an actor™, I had it all — a medium close-up making a weird face at a robot in Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2. Accidentally bringing almost the same outfit as Emma Stone to the set of Spider Man. People looking at my IMDb and being like “oh cool…I haven’t heard of any of these haha”…because those roles weren’t big enough to make the projects’ credits.

class Actor {  constructor (name) { = name;
this.willMakeIt = false;
audition () {
return this.cryOnCue();
cryOnCue () {
let canPictureSufferingPuppies = (Math.round(Math.random())) ? 'very' : 'not';
return `You were ${canPictureSufferingPuppies} successful.`
act () {
// for advanced actors

Now that I’m entering programmer world, I’m not saying I’m not gonna still do that — the real acting with the lines, anyway. (The above mentioned ‘credits’ were extra roles and actors who unironically show off about those are exiled forever.)

However, I did always have a penchant for technology.

I instinctually knew, after acting-school college, that any food on a platter I might hold as a waiter would answer to gravity before it would answer to me (it would fall. I mean that it would fall).

That is to say — I knew I should do data entry and office temp work — things involving technology/computers — instead of waitering/catering as part time survival jobs while I auditioned and acted in stuff, for everybody’s health and safety. So I did that. And I realized, hey, I’m pretty okay at this computer thing!

But when a web series idea occurred to me and I wrote it, cast it, started directing it, started acting in it (yes, acting in my own thing — overcoming shamelessness will be my next project), I got something very few actors do…

Me in my natural habitat: any costume at all

…The ability to say when I get to act at all! Commanding my own project, I would ensure that its filming days would only be on weekends — and I could find something better than data entry to do during the week, that hopefully still involved computers.

When I started at NYU Tisch, I was interested in doubling as a computer science major, believe it or not. I know — not all 18 year olds are idiots. But a peer gave me a garish, dramatic telling of the 101 course’s difficulty and it was, to say the least, breathtaking— and I’m a sucker for a good story.

So I postponed my future to a little bit after college.

Hello future! I am here!

Let’s code!

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At a rehearsal, before I knew the damage randomFunc() { return randomFunc() } could really do

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