The thing about React Native is that it’s a pain to learn, but once you have something working and now you know, you discover there’s room to play, and that’s when the real learning begins.

This guide won’t cheapen your learning experience with React Native; to the contrary, it gives you the tools to get the thing up and running, so you can see for yourself how and why it works. Then the creativity and experimentation can begin! …

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Let’s be real: the problem with Redux isn’t quite that it’s like learning a new language; it’s the logic it follows. Learning it can be a pain, but it does make using frameworks like React way easier, so it’s great to have under your belt.

Good news is, I came up with a physical, fun game you can play with a group of dorks (they don’t even have to be programmers) that makes it easy to learn!

So this is what we’ll cover: 1. Props in React, and how Redux saves the day (skip if you’re good here) 2. How…

It’s definitely true that I swore to myself I would stick to the super-duper-creative acting lifestyle of silently walking in the background of big budget movies, and speaking lines in the foreground of movies no one’s ever heard of.

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As an actor™, I had it all — a medium close-up making a weird face at a robot in Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2. Accidentally bringing almost the same outfit as Emma Stone to the set of Spider Man. …

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