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You are what? ‘dead serious’? in an open public forum? don't be ridiculous.. unless of course you get paid by the cuban regime to do some advertising for them. Have you ever been in Venezuela? no, Im sure.

I’ll give you a quick history overview of Castro's ambitions on Venezuela:

In 1958 Fidel Castro attempted to invade Venezuela, the first time, then during 60–62, did again 3 more times.

Later in 2001–2004 when Chavez was in power in Venezuela he made a deal with Fidel, due to his sympathy with him.

Following Castro start sending troops, guards, g-2 personnel and so on. They sent also doctors to conceal all this traffic of ‘occupation’ personnel. During all that time and in exchange Chavez started sending Cuba oil with a discount price. Of all the quantity delivered Cuba kept a fraction for internal use and the rest to resell in the international market.

When Chavez died in Cuba (??) surprise the puppet the Castros selected is Maduro. This guy only receives orders from Havana and executes it. Simple.

Hope this short history lesson expands your knowledge of what is going on in the Caribbean ‘dead serious’ person. And you will be welcomed when you decide to come to Venezuela.

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