Day 2: How should I set up my Unity Editor Layout?

Objective: To discuss the proper layout of your Unity Editor

What is the Unity Editor?

The Unity Editor is the interface a developer uses when they use Unity. It consists of 5 windows:

  • Scene View — This view is where you will directly interact with GameObjects in your Scene.
  • Project Window — This view will show all of your assets in your project. Project window makes it easier to access your files without having to use your OS File manager.
  • Hierarchy window — This view displays all of the GameObjects you have in your Scene. This allows quick access to select and edit your GameObjects.
  • Inspector Window — The Inspector shows you the details of the selected asset.
  • Game View — This serves as a preview of your Game in the editor and allows you to quickly see the results of any changes that you make

When you start Unity, the default layout is used. The screenshot below is an example of the default layout

Default Unity Editor Layout

What layout is commonly used?

A lot of Unity developers prefer to use a layout similar to the one in the screenshot below. Often referred to as a ‘Professional’ Layout.

Professional Layout

If you are using multiple monitors, though, the Unity Editor does have the ability to even drag the views off of the Unity Editor as a separate window. This allows for even more of a customized environment to better suit your needs and workflow.

Moving a view off of the Unity Editor

Final Conclusion

I would suggest starting off with the ‘Professional’ layout first if you are new to Unity. Then add or remove views, then edit the Editor layout that best suits your work style.

I hope this has been informative for you and I’m grateful for your time. Happy Developing!



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