It’s Nice to See You

My epiphany was this: Oprah is arguably the most accomplished, admired, able person in the world. She creates magic for other people and herself on the regular. So, if Oprah can’t do permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be done.

It seems to me that Oprah is once again looking for some tip or trick — some “life hack” to lose weight.

But that’s not how weight loss works. Or, rather, it’s not how sustainable weight loss works.

You may lose a few pounds on a diet, but then you go right back to living the way that made you fat in the first place. It’s certainly what I used to do, and it didn’t solve a damn thing.

There are countless folks who have figured out how to achieve sustainable weight loss. And time and time again, the story is almost the same: it happens by changing your lifestyle. Your relationship with food, the way you spend your time, your base assumptions about who and what you are.

People like David Clark and Josh LaJaunie. Even people like me.

Weight gain is generally a side-effect of how you live your life. That’s where the solution is found — not some program, diet, or life-hack.

But people spend years searching unsuccessfully for that secret trick. I suspect that’s Oprah’s problem.

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