How we built Flipd for iOS when no one thought we could
Alanna Harvey

Amazing app that is no joke when it comes to blocking you out of nearly everything on your phone in order to be productive or even just present. I like Freedom, but it leaves too many back doors open and can never get some features to work (iOS app store block). Setting Flipd to Full Lock for 8 hours was like being in a time machine that takes you back to before the smart phone… or being a time traveler when you notice how much everyone ELSE is on their phone! It’s worth it just to see exactly how addicted you are and what you’re missing in everyday life.

Thanks for doing what many thought was impossible. Hopefully Apple listens at some point and understands that their device is so crippled when it comes to user attention management, that anyone who cares about such things might consider switching to Android. I was until I found this app.