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It’s one thing to go to a car repair shop, it’s quite another to go during the Covid Pandemic. Our customers that want wheel repair in Newburgh NY want to know that it will be safe for them.

Everyone is different and each have their own reasons.

For instance, just suppose you were driving along minding your own business and hit one of Hudson Valley’s finest potholes. It isn’t long before you notice your car tire losing air.

You may bring it to the tire shop and they give you the bad news. It’s not your tire BUT a bent rim. It might be bent or even worse — CRACKED. You certainly don’t want to risk driving on that do you?

So you call your dealer and he tells you to replace the OEM ally wheel will cost you $1,200 on your Cadillac Escalade. After you wake up from fainting you look for options.

This is where Rims Like New in Newburgh comes in. We are right down the road on 17k not far outside of Newburgh.

Our business protocols have changed due to the pandemic virus spread. We have to take our time so that every procedure interacting with the customer is safe for everyone.

Thankfully our Covid safe wheel repair in Newburgh is considered approved necessary businesses in New York State. That means while many local businesses may forced to close down again with the pandemic surge you can still get your cracked, bent, scratched rims repaired.

Here are a few notes from a recent press release on Covid Safe wheel repair.

Due to the increased number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the local area, certain precautions are being implemented here to reduce the risk of spreading illness in our shop due to the many customers that come from the Tri-State Area. It is our desire to protect our employees and their respective families. We also wish to protect our valued customers.”

“We are asking that all customers schedule an appointment by phone. At your appointment time please remain in your vehicle and text Manny at (845)-866–1701. This will let the staff know you have arrived.”

“If a customer needs to get out of their car to retrieve, or show us something, that’s Ok. However, we ask they wear a mask and must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between us as we talk. Other wise We will service your vehicle while you wait inside it.”

Finally, If you are paying by credit card we will manually enter it as you read it to us or physically take it inside and run it. If your paying cash, please count it out in front of us. Then we will take it and get you change if needed. Also please note there are no bathroom facilities available. Thank you for helping us keep our home and work area safe.

Rims Like New

507 Union School Rd, Middletown, NY 10941

(845) 537–0396



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Imagine your scraped, scratched, dented, bent, curbrashed alluy wheels looking factory new again.

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