082416 — MBA books, made out of gold?

Yesterday I mentioned how ridiculously high the price for the books for this term was. Is not new, but the fact that I’m paying at least $ 500,00 more for an online only makes worst.

The price of books for the MBA programs or higher education are ridiculously expensive, and it seems this is old news.

Since 2006, the cost of a college textbook has increased by 73 percent — or more than four times the rate of inflation
Book rental from Amazon
Price options from University bookstore

Renting the books, which is considerably a cheaper alternative, depends on where are you renting the books from. Renting them from the university bookstore is just a joke. As I was getting ready to start classes, I went to check my syllabus for both classes and to see the schedule, load of work and the books I will be needing for this term. The first one, a book for Global Management can be rented from Amazon for $45,27, however, the same book can be rented from the university website from $210 t0 $105. That is more than double the price to rent the same book.

Honestly, the whole book situation is just stupid. The 10th edition as required cost $319, however,if you look around, you can get the 9th edition for free¹. It seems that it is the same exact book. A couple of differences, it has a new graphic cover, and it seems to have 2 new cases. That it. Nothing else changed from 9th edition to 10th edition.

Then is this statement

“I would agree that the price of hard-bound print books is high, and this industry understands that and they are moving to make new digital resources available that are more engaging, help students learn and get better grades, and slash the prices in half or more,” Anderson told NBC News. “I think we’re the only industry involved with higher education that can say they’re cutting costs by half by shifting in this digital direction.”

It might be an isolated incident, but in my particular experience, the digital book cost $240, which is cheaper than the $319 for the hardcover. But still is not cheap by no means.

“Custom” Accounting book

For my other class, Managerial and financial Accounting, the university has decided to have their “own” books or “custom book for the program” . This means that the book is not available anywhere else but in the university, and cannot be rented. This books cost $171, and the books do not even have a hardcover!. The way I see this “custom book for the program” situation is very simple. the university buys/contract from the publisher some type of unbranded books then puts it as “custom” and makes every student buy the “custom” book. The result of this is publisher happy, university happy, students in debt.

1: Just look around, nothing else.

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