082516 — The cycling nod

I don’t live in a cycling town, probably nothing is popular around here. However, I commute and ride my bike as much as I can. When I’m not running, I’m riding.

Although it is not a cycling town, we have at least 40 miles of paved trails that its awesome for riding and running. I understand that people on cars don’t know what to do when I ride my bike on the street, they don’t know if they should slow down or pass aggressively. They simply don’t know because they are not used to that and there are not that many people riding bikes . On the trail, however, people are used to bikes, runners, roller blades and everything else in between, so if you are used to seeing people doing all kind of sports, why don’t be a little courteous, at the end of the day, everybody is there suffering just like you are.

Just be courteous and nod to fellow riders

I’m guessing you can make an argument for not nodding fellow riders. You were in the zone, you were following a wheel, you were going full aero. Whatever the argument is, it might be valid to you., however, I don’t buy it. I’ve seen trains of triathletes going fast, they don’t nod with their heads, it is not aero, but they acknowledge others riders by lifting their ever so slightly their fingers out of the aero bar. I’ve seen road riders doing the same while climbing. I’ve seen runners nodding to cyclists even though they sometimes get yell at On Your Left! I’ve seen cyclists acknowledging how much harder running is, especially during a hot summer day.

So why, when you are not wearing a kit when you are just commuting from/to work and pass another rider working out, they don’t return the nod? Is because of the jorts? Well, let me tell you that if you think that your kit makes you a better or faster rider you are wrong. I’ve seen and pass by many Pro Hubbards in their 15k carbon bikes when wearing my jorts.

So I guess is time for you to start being more courteous with fellow riders and other people around the trail, it really doesn’t matter the level that we all ride,we all suffer, keep going

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