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My daughter celebrated the recent release of Taylor Swift’s album “ Lover “. It was her first album in two years. Two years filled with professional and personal drama. We listened to many of the tracks streaming through my car audio system. Including,

  • “You Need to Calm Down”
  • “London Boy”
  • “Paper Rings”
  • “Cornelia Street”
  • “The Man”
  • “Cruel Summer”
  • “Lover”

As I listened, I noticed that each song sounded different — not just the rhythm and beat but Taylor’s voice itself. It was as if she changed her voice to suit the song. My daughter reminded me that Taylor debuted as…

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“At the end of the day, it’s all about winning”
LeBron James

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to share some thoughts that I believe support the claim in the title of this post. At least in the spirit of what an Agile way of working could mean.

The’s Donnovan Bennett recently interviewed ESPN sports writer Ramona Shelburne on Sportsnet’s “Tim and Sid” show. The interview focused on the recent National Basketball Association’s (NBA) stunning blockbuster move of the Toronto Raptor’s Kawhi Leonard and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers. Being…

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“Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company”

– W. Edwards Deming

Change is hard enough without fear in the air. What do we fear? I’ve experienced 3 recent cases that remind me of how stifling and destructive fear in an organization can be.

  1. Fear for one’s job. Of being declared obsolete or surplus as a result of the very changes you’re championing. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs kicks in. You’re advocating change but all I see is elimination of my job and livelihood. In this case, it boiled down to a dearth of communication.
  2. Fear of…

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In this day and age of questionable employee engagement, can there be such a thing as “too much engagement”? Are employees and staff suffering from engagement fatigue? Or is it akin to communications where you could never over-communicate?

What I’ve heard

The level of engagement question is especially pertinent when it comes to introducing change into an organization. There’s an old adage “if you plan the battle, you won’t battle the plan”. Agile practitioners and Organizational Change Management (OCM) professionals in general can appreciate this adage. They encourage the wisdom of the crowd in shaping the path of change. In the 1990’s it…

Frank Leong

Agile Coach & Trusted Change Advisor. Guiding high value change through business agility.

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