Kids Furniture Shopping with Évolur

frank apablaza
Jul 11, 2017 · 4 min read

Looking for furniture for your child, whether it’s a crib for your newborn, a toddler bed or a youth bed, might seem like a daunting and time consuming experience considering all the brands out there to choose from. Of course you want good looking furniture in your child’s room, but you also need it to be safe and of high quality. So, where does one start when it comes time to look for furniture? You can start by researching various brands online or visiting local furniture shops.

Earlier this year, I myself started start looking for a new furniture set for my 8-year-old daughter, but nothing really caught my interest. I stopped looking and not too long ago I was asked to review a new Youth Bed from the brand Évolur, which is a celeb loved nursery furniture brand that makes luxury affordable. They recently launched their first line of beautifully crafted Youth Beds. Évolur is part of The DOM Family, which is a family-owned business that has been in business for nearly three decades. In addition to Évolur, they have a portfolio of top-rated, award-winning brands for families including Dream On Me, Mia Moda, and Rest Assure. They offer a wide range of nursery furniture, mattresses, car seats, strollers, and other essentials for babies, children and parents at a variety of price points. All products are designed with the highest standards of quality, safety, style and value.

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Napoli Youth Bed Distressed White

Gaetana Keogh, a member of The DOM Family’s Design Team was kind of enough to sit down with for a brief Q&A about the Évolur line.

1.) Where do you find the inspiration for your designs such as the new Youth Bed collection? “Various places, and from listening to consumer needs. Consumer stories inspire us. The new youth bed design inspiration came from our highly popular baby nursery collections like Aurora, Santa Fe and Cheyenne. We incorporated key elements of these collection designs into our youth beds, while we were able to use other existing nursery furniture to complement youth beds like the Double Dressers, the Chifferobes, Nightstands, Hutches/Bookshelves and Tall Chests. Most of our designs are influenced by Italian and French architecture.”

2.) How does your furniture differ from others? Quality, craftsmanship? “Our furniture is meticulously crafted, only using superior materials sourced from around the world.”

3.) When someone is out shopping for furniture for their baby/child how can they tell if they are looking at a good quality piece of furniture vs. something shoddy? Are there special design features, materials to look out for? “Know your wood type: solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood, joints, sliders used, full extension drawers, deep drawers, warranty, functionality, design and finishes from solid paid, to brushed, metallic and rustic. Also, as for the manufactured country, Vietnam produces better quality than China. Our Évolur line is made out of Vietnam.”

The Youth Bed collection consists of the three styles including Aurora, featuring intricate ribbon scrollwork and fairytale touches for the sleeping beauty; Cheyenne, featuring roman-inspired details such as dentil molding, fluting and imperial feet for timeless and modern design and Napoli, featuring paneling for timeless and transitional style.

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Aurora Collection

Like Gaetana mentioned above in the Q&A regarding the inspiration, you can definitely see the Italian and French architecture in the Youth Bed collection. My favorite one is the Napoli collection, which is the one we chose to review. I love the simple yet elegant and timeless design of the bed. The bold lines and large intricate molding on the full panel headboard resemble ancient columns and lends to a traditional style perfect for boys and girls alike. Putting it together was also fairly simple. Another feature that I really love about this bed is the trundle option. You have the choice of putting another mattress there, which is great for sleepovers or you can use it as storage. It’s perfect for blankets, clothes or toys. All in all, we are ecstatic with the Napoli bed from Évolur. We have been using it for a few weeks now and the quality is truly impeccable and the frame is really sturdy. I see this bed lasting a long time. Furniture from the Évolur line is well worth the investment.

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Cheyenne Collection

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