Winston Churchill, one of the world’s great leaders of the 20th century, once said, “We make a living by what we do . . . but we make a life by what we give.” Making a life by what we give to our families, our communities and our country is a true life’s work. You understand what it means to give of yourself, to actively donate your time and talents in the service of others. We need to celebrate and honor the inner sense of wellbeing and pride that comes with being able to call oneself a volunteer.

A Wonderful Word.

I love…

By Frank Armijo

Everyday Community and Technical Colleges (C&TC) educate and provide opportunities for middle and low income families and 1st generation college students. Students from across our country choose to attend C&TC for several important reasons. Many couldn’t afford higher cost universities or didn’t qualify under more difficult acceptance criteria. Others may have wanted to stay closer to home and live with parents. Many have full time jobs and/or families and they are returning to school to improve their economic circumstances.

C&TC offer academic transfer opportunities to provide the foundation for a bachelorette degree or to learn a technical…

For 1st Generation College Families we need to change the conversation from, “Am I Going to College” to “What College Am I Going To?.” Both of my parents were migrant farm workers until my father landed a construction job which helped our family become middle class. But there was never an expectation to attend college. It was just too expensive. Never dreamed of a potential professional career.

“Expectations are Everything” Believing you can succeed in college. Believing you can afford college. Believing you belong in college and can be an Engineer, Scientist, Doctor, Lawyer, Business Professional. We can all learn…

Frank Armijo

Frank Armijo is Vice President of Client Engagement, Strategy and Business Development for Lockheed Martin’s Missile & Fire Control.

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