Great article. Short and to the point. Well addressed. Really enjoyed it.
Matthew Milne

Thanks for the note Matthew, I’m glad you found some value in the article.

My two cents on how to lead less experienced teammates to achieve higher standards is two-fold.

First, start with yourself. Your example is always more powerful an influence than your words. If you find that folks you are leading aren’t following, look to see if your own actions are lining up with what you are asking from them.

Second, make sure you are giving your team enough room to grow and learn in their own individual way and at a pace that is right for them. Sometimes as leaders we can let our zeal to excel turn into smothering or micromanaging, or just plain annoying our people with too much oversight.

Setting high standards and seeking out the hard problems is your job, but once you’ve given your team clarity on what needs to be achieved let them rise to the challenge as they see fit whenever possible.

Thanks again for the comment. Hope this helps.

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