What would I build at MLH PRIME :Spring Finale 2016?

Hi my name is Frank Beatrice. Previously ,I have been a Juvenile Conference Committee Panelist, a camp counselor for developmentally disabled adults. Currently, I am a student , software developer & security professional.

Developing, creating, hacking, & inspiring others is my passion. I am the type of person to take physics labs for fun & also go to garage meet-ups and build innovate things from spare parts.

That being said I would build something innovative, yet useful to anyone.

I want to develop the recently released Surround 360 to work for multi-purposes.

I wish to create an immersive environments where all things are possible.

I imagine incorporation AR and smart phone use so others can join in on the fun of the person with the head set.

  1. A game were you spawn villains & AI’s & friends by utilizing a smart phone : as one player wears a headset with a recently photographed environment.
  2. Make a app to prepare for anything scan your living room and run simulations in a VR environment where you have to fend off monsters, solve actual emergency prep like “How to be a fire-fighter simulation & other cool things depending on your desired purpose.
  3. Scan outside for production in VR , then create & develop specific location based apps , totems that can only be accessed on site via geo-location in AR .

Provisions —

  • Create a VR app maker in which one can make with sculpting tools to add to the signature of the experience & the authenticity of a designer
  • Use Popular VR software libraries , React , Meteor.js , Python, Smart-Phones, & video equipment , home grown software or hardware.

You can view the Surround 360 project from a current Facebook engineering repo.

My fork https://github.com/FrankBeatrice/Surround360