Dear Florida, The Next Chapter
John Morgan

When my friend lost all of his hair due to testicular cancer, sending him home in remission with a morphine drip hanging out of his arm, I believed.

When a woman I met had a 75° curve in her idiopathic scoliotic spine and 30+ pharmacies wouldn’t fill her fentanyl prescription, I believed.

When they pulled me over for a bad tail late and I told them nothing but the truth, I believed.

And when I saw #JohnMorgan’s son voting at the precinct I managed in Winter Park this morning, I was still believing in #PatientRights #CompassionateCare and better living for the sick and suffering patients of #Florida.

The voters have spoken, and we are slowly emerging from the stone ages, #YesOn2! ✅🍁

Thank You JM!!

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