“Are you still supporting Donald Trump?”

So you are with the party what ever the party does? The first republican jewish president was ole honest abe lincoln who got his nickname fro being a judge of bloody chicken fights. I have read documentations where your republican abe lincoln slept with men very often and as any counting 9. He did have a favorite that he keep by his side and stayed and slept with him in the White House, I do not recall his name but, it is on the web and then you have the most documented worst president andrew johnson from TN. during the pillage, theivory, rape and subugations in history and then herbert hoover with the great depression, then you have Eisenhour a jew also, that you follow just as nixon who did not ever tell a lie and also GHWBush who is even voting for Hillary Rodman Clinton and then there is your heros GWBush/sure shot dickhead cheney from enron, halliburton that made billions I am sure you supported and may have had kick backs of the orchastrated 9–11 who in retalliations slaughtered over and still going on of over 100,000 unborn fetuses, children, mothers, fathers and surnames of peoples in Iraq and Afganistan. I sleep very well at night but, a person like you can too.

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