Playing About a Bit and Figuring Out Live Code.

[1] Switching Cards

[1] Switching Cards. Making buttons switch between cards in stack.

[2] Vibration App

[2] Vibration App. Seeing how the vibrate function works. I wanted to prolongate the vibration depending on the number passed to mobileVibrate but it just repeats itself. Oh well. The end goal was to eventually map the X position with the intensity of the vibration, but it seems you can’t do that.

Some Initial Ideas

I want to use the phone’s sensors in a creative way somehow—less utilitarian and more playful.

  • Front/Back. Front and back cameras simultaneously to record the action and the reaction. (Turns out iOS does not allow this. It is restricted to alternating between the two.)
  • Kickflip Counter/Helicopter. Counts the number of times you can flip your phone in mid air.
Kickflip Counter
  • Sneeze Journal. Quantified sneeze records. A play on the quantified self movement. Records the involuntary movements that a sneeze causes.(This is an old idea of mine which is ongoing in an analogue format).
Sneeze Journal Ongoing Project
  • Warm. A hand heater achieved by heating up the battery by performing an infinite loop or by running a lot of background processes.
  • Parent Reminder. An app for parents who forget to be parents. Follow up on your child’s problems. Less creative with sensors, more satirical.
  • Habit Tracker. Enter a habit you want to track. Tell the app when you have performed the habit. You get weekly reports. Change habits accordingly. Could be used for positive and negative habits. This is defiantly a utility though.

I have a plenty of other ideas for mobile/web apps/digital products that would be more suited to a Tech Start Up rather than creative experiments.

Some Experiments I Plan to Do

  • Play with Arduino. Buttons and accelerometer that control servos etc. How could I do this wirelessly without buying any new sensors/shields? Texting with GSM shield? Maybe.

Some Research

InstaCRT. Real life photo filter. I like how there is a loop of analogue and digital going on here—convoluted, but that adds to the fun.


Draw With Accelerometer

  • Test 1. No luck.
  • Test 2. Also no luck.
  • Test 3. No change
  • Test 4. I have a wee floating dot. It’s hard to see, but it is there. It isn’t drawing a line though.
  • Test 5. Same as 4, but with a different size and colour.
  • Test 6. Looks like test 1.
  • Test 7. YAAAS! A bit jittery, but getting there.
  • Test 8. Bumped up the draw rate up to try and make it smoother and made the Z axis control line thickness. Hopefully it works. It didn’t, but I guess it looks cool!
  • Test 9. That didn’t really work…
  • Test 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Kind of the same as 9.
Test 1, Test 4, Test 5
Test 7, Test 8, Test 9

Experiment 2

Heat Up the Battery.

In a way this is like creating a new sensor for the phone, but not really.

I have noticed when I use Snapchat specifically the battery seems to become noticeably hot. This is the only app, that I have used, that does this. It must be loading anything and everything at once.

As a quick experiment I will open Snapchat and see how long it takes for the battery to get hot. I hope it still does this and hasn’t been fixed in an update…

It looks like it has been fixed. Oh well. I will try and make it happen then.

This might break my phone.

Test 1. Let’s give the processor a lot to do. Result: No luck.

Test 2. Infinite loop. Result: Didn’t work.

Test 3–30. I don’t think this is going to work. I have a feeling iOS has limits/fixes in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening now.

Back to Sneeze Journal


  • Open app — no activity
  • mouseDown — no activity (edit: Maybe it would be better to have the accelerometer record data on mouseDown. Small change, but a better UX I think)
  • mouseUp — accelerometer data is recorded and visualised
  • mouseDown — accelerometer data no longer recorded


  • In case of sneezing fit — user can mouseUp again to record a new entry. (If in close proximity recognise as a fit and group them?)
  • Date, time and location are recorded
  • User prompted to give information on current activity (e.g watching TV, designing an app that records your sneezes etc.)
  • Date, time and current activity are displayed
  • User can save and share journal entry
  • Sneeze journal entry is saved to database as data points, date, time and location
  • User can view and share previous entries in the journal


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