The Most Open and Transparent Chair Election Ever
Patrice Taylor

Dear DNC. . . It seems you want Bernie to tone it down and get the angry voters to UNIFY. Well, you people are less intelligent than you look. Bernie has no control over whether we unify or not. YOU DO!! He DOESN’T. And you have done nothing to warrant our unification. Go ahead — put Mr Dick, I’m okay with a huge tax breaks for the wealthy, Schumer in charge; go ahead elect Mr. I am going to make Bernie look like a racist, Perez in charge; go ahead support Sherrod, Mr. TPP, Brown; go ahead run Cory, I’m with Big Pharma, Booker; keep Nancy, Ms. I don’t believe Liberals want a new direction, Pelosi . . . go ahead run every corporate beholden candidate, go ahead trot ’em out there. JUST KNOW — #NoChangeNoUnity . .. . EVER! We are prepared to lose well into the future — ARE YOU? Now, you have a choice — you can demean us, ignore us, expect us to change our minds or you can create an effective public financing system for elections and start trotting out non-beholden candidates. It is up to you whether we Blues win in 2018 and beyond.

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