Congressman Mo Brooks, Do You Want Me to Die?
Mary R. Ladd

mary, i know you probably checked it out… surgery, no blood, no operations, no slicing open anything…isolate the tumor or tumors by the way, pinpoint radio waves causing cell death…jimmy carter had brain tumors (multiple) … an hour or so, all the tumors were dead chemo, no nothing…i had liver cancer, they whacked out 80% of my liver,

i lived and it did not come back…but i was yelling at them?? what is wrong with radio wave induced cell death??? and 5 inches of my liver would have died in it’s tracks, not 80%..and it did not grow back fully by the way….

it is the biggest secret in medicine…and IT IS CHEAP….sadly, that might be the problem..ins. companies just don’t make as much money with radio surgery..period…just sayin, check it out