Hello Humans

The last time I wrote something that I put much effort in a little project I titled “Control Smoking Now, The New and Simple Approach”. Before I go on, I must let the dear reader know that there are better writers then me. This also should be the last article I ever use the letter I.

That was about 2 years ago, put it on amazon, managed to be great achievement at that time. Now I have discovered this, where many great minds come to speak and I am very delighted for that medium. I can finally have a place to share my thoughts because I cant just go to Granville square and get a microphone and speak to people like the medieval times. Not a bad idea, but not the best idea.

I plan to contribute a minimum of 2 THOUGHTS a month, with my take on what is going on in the world. World events are what keeps me up at night because of several reasons. My purpose isn’t to tell you whats going to happen next nor educate on what these macro events have in our timeline of humanity. Its going to be impacting people on different planes. And people will feel all sorts of ways when things happen. Life will still move on, at a cost. MY purpose is to help mankind achieve something they long desired. I have a plan on how that's going to happen, I know the journey I must take. Its inevitable.

Artificial time ticking in grass.

Freedom. UNLIMITED Happiness, and a drop of power.

The seed is already planted, and this is already happening. Something BIG is coming.

The beginning of the biggest transfer of wealth is bubbling underneath. Political atmosphere is just different. And how we communicate with others and more importantly our selves must be kept in check for our better health.

Happy New Years, may it be a peaceful one.