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I like what you are saying but let me shed some light on this subject. I am an umpire so I have a different perspective. As I watch the videos, especially the 2nd from the bottom, I see the catcher having to move a lot to go get the ball. Many of these pitches are strikes. The problem is that the umpires are focusing on where the catcher is setting up. If he sets up on the inside and the umpire is looking for the ball there, there is little chance he can track it with all of the movement and not knowing where it is going to the outside of the zone. Secondly, at higher levels we are taught that even if the ball is in the center of the zone, if the catcher can’t catch it, it is automatically a ball. This is why Roger Clemens was so great. The ball almost always went to the catchers glove, even when he is getting ready to pitch in the bullpen, the catcher almost never moved his glove. Lucroy is still a great catcher, his pitchers are the problem.

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