This Is Progress
Pres. Obama (Archives)

You know what you can do with your progress, you are gaming the math. The black communities you have been ignored, including Chicago, and are in severe ruin. Your speech to the United Nations concerning the refugees was an embarrassing lie. Our home security said 18 -24 mos. was not enough time to properly screen the people, you answered it by giving them 3 mos. You said we screened them better than we did the tourist, Hell we don’t bring the tourist into our country in the middle of the night as you did the refugees. You have one objective; destroy this country and Hillary is obligated to do the same with your support. She said she waits for the facts before she comments and condemned Trump. Then on the shootings in Tulsa and North Carolina she damn sure didn’t wait for the facts,” we need to put a stop to the racial shootings by white officers” per Hillary. The officer involved in N.C. was African American, FACTS? All your administration is interested in are the votes in Nov. I will vote for Donald Trump, if he is not on the ballot, I will write in Donald Duck. You are worried about your legacy so Hillary is depending on your support, Legacy? Clean air which is not needed if we get our ass blown up! We don’t need 3 presidents in the Whitehouse, you, Bill and Hillary, the puppet with a very bad track record and broken strings.

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