African Pastors and Their Lack of Formal Education in Germany.

Most African pastors in Germany start churches without having attending a bible college or theological schools. They simply wake up one morning and profess that they have been driven or inspired by the Holy Spirit to start a church.

Most of these drop outs from high school and colleges believe that the Lord has called them to lead people into forming a new church denomination.

In a society where most of the followers themselves are ignorant and un-educated, it is no surprise to find a “Kofi” or “Kweku” starting a “Fellowship of Christ” church and teaching what he believes is the true word of God.

He feels that he has the Holy Ghost power to cast demons and cure all kinds of physical illness. He preaches about prosperity while he himself is yet to witness such fortunes.

They simply neglect getting any formal kind of education which can enlighten them on the strategies of leading a congregation both spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and financially.

It makes one wonder what their ultimate motives are truly all about. Some of them feel that starting a church is a simpler or easier way to collect money from a group of illiterates.

The blame should go to the followers because if you are sick, you would not go to a person who claims to be a doctor just because he says the Holy Spirit has led him to practice medicine. Infact you would report such a person to the authorities for fraud.

It is no different from being spiritually sick. You need a person who has been formally trained to attend to you and advice you properly on what you need to do. Not someone who is looking for a way to make some quick cash.

Let it be known that there are a lot of true and caring pastors who try their best to help a lot of people. But the lack of formal training still lingers over their portfolio. They should make the time to acquire some education and learn that healing the soul requires vast formal education. There is no need to re-invent the wheels but rather learn how to best stir it so that your passengers don’t get lost in the wilderness.


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