The cancelation is due to the circumstances surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. Like many other organizers, we feel a shared responsibility to do what we can to curb its spread and avoid putting others at risk.

Today we made the decision to prioritize the safety of our employees, partners, sponsors, founders, and attendees by canceling this year’s events at the Established House of Startups and Innovation at South by Southwest (SXSW). And now it’s been confirmed that SXSW has also officially canceled the festival.

It has been a difficult decision for many reasons as we unravel six months of great work by our team. We were so excited to celebrate our 10th year of bringing thousands of people together at our official Startup Night at SXSW. …


Frank Gruber

Co-Founded Established. Co-Founded TechCo acquired by MVF Global. Former AOL & Tribune. Early TechCrunch contributor. Startup investor/advisor. Sports fan.

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