“Stop Procrastinating And Get Your Old 401K Rolled-Over To An IRA”

We have millions of reasons why we wait until the last minute to do something. Some of us work better under the gun. Others, we’re just oblivious to consequences. Things that we’d never do in life seem to be ok when it comes to our finances. Think about it. You’d never leave your kid at a friend’s house for years. Neither would you leave your car at the airport for months without some kind of assurance that it’s fine. So, why would you leave money that you earned at a previous employer with them? It’s a bad idea. It’s a horrible risk. I seriously think that people think it’s ok because at some point and time they’ve received income from this employer and that they’re a solid company. We’ll, solid companies go bankrupt everyday and sometimes the guys at the top persuade boards to let them raid the cookie jar before they go. And, usually, as a former employee you’re the last to know. Stop procrastinating. Get your paperwork. Log into your account. Find out what’s going on and move that money. Need help? Live in North Carolina? Give us a call at Frank Henderson Financial at (919) 912 9367 and give us your story. We’ll make suitable recommendations based on your specific situation, outlook, age and goals.

Now, get serious and go get your money.

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