Whatsapp Guide: How the whatsapp works

The Whatsapp application was developed in order to rebuild the relationship of mobile device users about SMS and MMS and to expand the system of free communication. To use the application, you need any access to the Internet. The application allows you to exchange messages, photos, video and audio recordings. For this, there is no need to create a new system of contacts, all subscribers from the address book, connected to Whatsapp, become available for correspondence. But this system has some vulnerability. The absence of individual ciphers for incoming and outgoing correspondence makes it unprotected from various hacking. Personal correspondence can be seen by any Whatsapp user, other people’s messages can be read by anyone in the WI-FI zone. To find out who the person is communicating with, what Whatsapp correspondence is going on, you need to get remote access to his mobile device. This can be done with the program WhatsCracker, installing it on your smartphone.

The easiest and fastest method of hacking into Whatsapp is the Appmia program. With its help it is quite real to open access and read other people’s messages in Whatsapp spy of any user of the system. The program hacks the subscriber’s database, where the history of personal correspondence is stored. This software is designed for parental control, monitoring of mobile devices of personnel, as well as other purposes whose tasks are to monitor the correspondence of the object. Appmia allows you to monitor other people’s messages in Whatsapp, see this correspondence on your mobile device, copy the whole history of correspondence remotely, find out who the object is copying with, spy on several subscribers of the system. Download Appmia and install it on your mobile device. Installing this program takes a little time. A step-by-step instruction describes the whole process in great detail. Even the most experienced hacker can cope with this. After that, you need to send the addressee, which we are going to spy, any message in Whatsapp. This person, answering your message, transmits the encryption key with the text, with the help of which the program will decrypt the text. After downloading the program — spy, you will be able to:

  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing messages, the report will come to your account
  • See the name and address of the recipient and the sender of correspondence
  • View videos and photos sent via Whatsapp
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