Awkward Stories from my 1st Boyfriend Pt. 1

Okay, so, I think enough time has passed to laugh about some of these together. Please keep in mind that this was my first real boyfriend and the only thing I knew about dating was from what I saw on Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Also from the other girls dating my boyfriend’s friends. Which means I thought it was okay to make a big scene about everything and that if I stormed out in a fight that I was going to be chased and rewarded with an amazing kiss that makes you leg “pop”. It was a lot of storming out and waiting, then defeatedly walking back into the room I stormed out of..

So, this little memory gem popped into my head yesterday when I was sitting in my break room, just laughing to myself in disbelief that I acted this way. I would like to point out that I was also 18 at the time, I had just graduated high school, got my first job and my first boyfriend, so, I finally had reasons to drive my Jeep places. The world was my oyster of no cerfews and new money flow that didn’t come from my parents in the form of allowance.

Alright, I think I got this idea from something I saw on Gossip Girl. I lived in Temecula, which is a far cry from New York, so, I had to improvise a little..

This was my “big” idea, that after my boyfriend left for work I would remain asleep so that when he got home he could kiss me awake, hopefully with flowers. Yes, this was an actual thought. He worked at a grocery store and his shift started super early, like 8am, that was so early to me. When he left he told me to just leave whenever I woke up. I was like deal! And then this thought came to me.

Thinking back now, me staying asleep till four in the afternoon would be really strange, am I a sloth? I take a good amount of naps but this is a whole other level. I will be honest with you, it was a lot of laying and playing with his dog. This was an age before Instagram, I had an EnV-4 touch and there was no TV in his room, so, I just stared at all the posters an played with the dog. To be fair there was a lot to look at. Did you ever notice how boys always covered thier rooms with posters, any wall space had stickers and pictures of half naked girls? Including doors and sometimes windows and celings. This room was the king of all covered rooms. Filled with posters of motocross, and paintballing and other sports he didn’t even partake in.. I don’t know maybe it was to be impressive? I’m not a 19 year old boy.

Anyways, so, here I am just laying in this bed doing nothing with my life. Thinking back now, there are so many things I could have actually been doing, going to the beach, going on a hike, hangingout with my girlfriends getting a fro-yo, ANYTHING! And there I was just laying with a dog. Probably smelly, with oily hair, and you know how your face looks the next morning when you don’t wash your make up off, yeah, scary.

After a good six hours, I know, I was committed. But six hours was my limit. I couldn’t be alone with my thoughts for that long, my thoughts were what got my into this whole mess. I decided I was too hungry to stay any longer and I got dressed and proceeded to level the premisis. This is the most awkward part of the whole plan, and the most unexpected. Remember we were just kids, so where did he live? With his mom. Yes, as I was leaving his street, she was arriving home from er long day at work. I don’t drive a non-chalaunt vehicle, I drive a loud Jeep. I was noticable, I was also at a stop sign and we made eye contact. I smiled and even waved. She looked very confused. I sped away, which in my Jeep is like 20 miles an hour..

The big thing I take from this event in my life was, I wonder what she thought I was doing. It was near 3pm, I’m sure she knew her son was at work. What the heck could I have possibly been doing in her house till that late in the afternoon? Like what a little psycho. Nobody has that much time to just sleep! I didn’t just get off a graveyard shift. Girls at the age 18–21 are chemically imbalanced, I swear! I blame it on the fact that high school doesn’t actually teach you what to do with your life after school, and that after 10pm there’s no place for you to go other than In-N-Out, so, you are practically forced to partake in garage parties.

I think about that from time to time, I wonder if she even remembers that. Or if it was much more insignificant to her life then it was to me.

Here’s one from memory lane, we really had nothing to do in Temecula.
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