New York City: 10.10.16.

Emerging from the subway station, first the cold, wrapping itself around your head, then the sun’s warmth, a salvo for your ears, cheek—whatever it can reach. It felt confused, the weather battling itself. The previous days, the rain and cold made it miserable to travel and things, other people, household items, oddly damp to the touch. Gray skies could never get New Yorkers out of bed quickly, anyway. But it appeared opposite online. Social media problems being what they are, it seemed like those who were out in the sunny mountains and knolls, chronicling the changing color of the leaves, couldn’t decide on any one photo to share. Many, it was clear, would have to do instead. And then you pull the covers back to you, closer, put the phone facedown, and turn away from the low and foreboding sky.