Technology is an arbitrary cultural construct that humans have collectively built on top of some rules of physics and that everything that seems solid and assured is actually totally fungible, down to and including the futures of our hyper growth tech and media companies. — Paul Ford, Postlight

San Francisco’s tech scene, maybe I missed it: The Google buses, Ubers everywhere, Zuckerbergs-in-training. Instead, I saw a few in-joke billboards, guys in company tees, some laptops in the airport and in every coffee shop or so.

On our way to a day hike, stopping at a thrift store to see if anything fits and is worth taking back east, I start talking with a girl. We’re browsing in the same section, which makes me wonder wether I’m in the wrong place. But she’s holding a couple t-shirts and a sweater on hangers; same as me. She says that this is where she shops before she travels anywhere.

Where’s she going?

New York.


To get out of tech and find something different.