Paul LePage continues his ‘crusade against solar power’ with latest veto
Mark Hand

LePage (LePig as we call him in Maine) is merely a knuckle dragging Republican out to protect his biggest donor and source of payolla in the fossil fuel industry and the Koch brothers.

LePage, Trump, and the rest of the Republicans are putting the US behind the rest of the world in renewable energy, education, and equality.

Even Trump and junior surrogates like lePage won’t be able to fight off the rest of the world. Even dictator Putin and his Russian fascist state is embracing solar power……something Trump is totally unaware of.

Germany #1

China (PRC) #2

Italy #3

Spain #4

US is #10 and falling in the world in solar power……and we are the one’s who 1st invented the photo-voltaic cell. Amazing.

This is like the Republicans trying to stop computer technology because it replaces counting on your fingers.

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